Patrícia Jerónimo takes part in conference on Feminism, Law and Citizenship at the Sorbonne

Patr√≠cia Jer√≥nimo took part in the international conference on Feminism, Law and Citizenship which was held at the University Paris I ‚Äď Panth√©on Sorbonne on 11 and 12 July 2022. Patr√≠cia Jer√≥nimo gave a talk entitled ‚ÄúGender and culture in the courtroom: notes from Southern Europe‚ÄĚ, as part of a panel on Culture and Identity, chaired by Alexandrine Guyard-Nedelec and with Sophia Ayada, Elena Ghidoni and Talya Deibel as speakers. Patr√≠cia Jer√≥nimo also chaired a panel on Equality and Rights, with Jackie Gulland, Lorena Ossio and Valentine M Moghadam as speakers. The conference programme is available here.